The best travel hula hoop

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meets travel

Polypro travel hula hoops are the perfect mix between performance hoop and travel hoop.

performance hoop

Unbelievably stable

Our travel hoops are as steady and stable as non-sectional hoops.

Made of Polypro

The lightness and responsiveness of Polypro is the perfect combination for meditative dance flow, as much as for crazy ninja moves and tricks.


Always with you, your best friend

Every moment is good for hooping, bring it with you effortlessy.

Everybody is welcome

We also recommend our hoops to beginner hoopers, it won't take long for you to be loving it!
Just make sure to choose a bigger hoop* to make the learning process faster.

everybody is welcome
customize size

Customize the size

Choose the size that is best for you*

Polycarbonate, high quality connectors

Polycarbonate is so light that you can barely feel it in your hands.
At the same time it is so strong that it makes a long lasting tight safe and durable connection.

Polycarbonate and Polypro is the best material combination you can wish for your hoop.

IMG_8987 (2)

Custom made, but we are fast

Even if we hand-craft and tape every hoop from scratch, we'll make sure to create your Polypro travel hoop within 1-2 business days (if not already in stock)

Last but not least, amazing tapes

The travel hoop map

Ship from Europe, finally

Stop paying expansive delivery and custom fees from the US, we craft and ship from Germany.

No surprise, no hidden costs and return within 14 days if you are not satisfied.

Are you ready to see them?