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Frequently asked question (FAQ) - The travel hoop

We created a specific section to explain how to choice the dimension of your hoop, check it out here.

It’s easy, it’s like a normal hula hoop (a very good one, the best you can find in the market in terms of material actually) but it can be separeted in multiple segment or pieces so that will be easy to carry around with you. You take the segments apart or put them back together in matters of seconds.

We design and build the hoops in Berlin, Germany. For that reason you will not be charged any extra money if you order a hoop and you live in Europe. I can still remember when I bought my first hoop from one of those famous shops in the US. I had to pay the delivery man twice the price of the hoop in custom fees.

We’re so sure about the quality of our travel hoops that you have 30 days to claim your money back if you’re dissatisfied. Trust trust us, you won’t be

We craft our hoops one by one. We need one working day to build the hoop and we’ll ship it to your home on the following day. The time it takes for delivery depends on the kind of shipping you choose.

Of course!! That’s why we’re here for and that’s why we created the travel hoop!

If you’re an experts you will know that polypro and polycarbonate connectors is just the best choice you can do. Also we use water proof rivets and snap button, so really, there is nothing best than this material combination.

Some companies suggest that beginners start with a big heavy hoop. It is true that this may be a bit easier at the beginning, but soon you´ll find yourself with an item that no longer meets your needs.

We recommend polypro travel hoop also for beginners, just make sure to read our size guide section here.

Collapsable hoops are the old generation of travel hoops.
Collapsing your hoop will decrease the dimension of only half of the initial size and will soon lead to deformation.
Sectional hoops, instead, break down in multiple pieces or sections; because of this, no kind of deformation will occur and you’ll have benefits in terms of space and easy of transport.