Aurora Borealis

✨ Dance along the sky with your Aurora Borealis travel hoop ✨

Our Aurora Borealis taped sectional travel hoop comes with any color you can think of. Depending on the angel and light your hoop will shine in a metallic silver or the colors will seem to be dancing on your hoop.


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Additional layer of crystal clear tape to protect from scratches included for FREE!

Why you should choose our hoops ?

Outstanding quality, because we put together the best available materials in the market.
Our Polypro tubing and Polycarbonate connectors are the best combination you can think of.

They are made of Polypro, this means they are

  • Light and fast
  • Strong and durable
  • Bouncy and responsive

Connectors are made of Polycarbonate, this means

  • Safe a last longing connection
  • Keeping the circularity of the shape over time 

Sectional segments, this means

  • Fits in your backpack
  • Bring it in the plane as hand luggage
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble

4mm crystal clear tape applied in every tape
, this means

  • Every hoop is protected from scratch by the free protective layer of Crystal Clear tape

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