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Hula hoop size guide

How to choose the best hula hoop size

Hula hoop size guide

For whom is this hula hoop size guide suitable?

We’re assuming that if your level is intermediate / advanced you already know which one you like the most. For that reason we’ll focus on how to choose the right size for:

  • Beginners
  • People who wonder “which is the best hula hoop to start with?

Important! Since we created this hula hoop size guide based on the characteristics of our hoops the information might not be suitable for a different hoop than the one we sell.

Don't waste money, avoid the number one mistake!

Hooping can be divided into 2 categories

  • In body movements (around the hips, chest, etc..)
  • Outside body movements

A general rule says the bigger and heavier the hula hoop the slower you will need to move to match the speed and keep the hoop up.

For the reason above many website suggest to start with a fitness hoop, our honest advice is Don’t do that!
If you do it you’ll have wasted money on a hoop that doesn’t allow your progress further and will be too heavy for outside body movements.

Buying a heavier hoop will allow to learn a bit more quickly, but then what? At best you’ll get bored really quick and soon buy a lighter hoop. What a waste of good money! you would have waisted money with an object that you will not use anymore, missing an opportunity to cultivate a passion unless you spend more money buy a new better hoop immediately after.

Buy a ligther hoop

Buy a lighter hoop! You will struggle more for couple of days but your patience will be totally worth it. It is likely that you’ll have just one good hoop (that you can carry easily!) for a long time, wherever you go, for both in body than outside body movements.

How to calculate the hula hoop size

You may be thinking, ok but “which hoop size should I buy as beginner”
Here is what to do to calculate dimension of the hoop you need:

  • To measure the distance between the floor to your belly button
  • Add between 1 cm and 5 cm if you never hooped before, if you feel like not being in a good shape or if you lack of coordination 
  • Subtract between 1 cm and 5 cm if you’re in a good shape, have a good coordination or have done some dancing before

We really encourage you to buy our Polypro travel hoop also if you are a beginner! Overall it will be easier, faster, safer and cheaper to progress into an intermediate and advanced practice.

You're still not sure about which hula hoop size to choose? Drop a message!

If this hula hoop size guide isn’t enough to help you, don’t worry, we’re here to help you! Just send us a message by clicking here and we’ll be more than happy to help you understanding which is the best hoop size for you.